Terms Of Service

When you purchase a product with us, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of service. It protects both you the client and ourselves as a business. If you fail to follow these terms and conditions we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account.

1. References

In this Agreement, references to "this Agreement" are references to this Agreement together with any document referred to or incorporated herein; "Clauses" are references to clauses to this Agreement; "Persons" include a reference to anybody corporate, unincorporated association or partnership; the singular shall include the plural and vice versa; "Third Party" is a person who is not a party to this Agreement; references to a statute, statutory instrument, regulation, order or licence is a reference to that statute, statutory instrument, regulation, order or licence as substituted, varied or re-enacted from time to time, unless the context otherwise requires.

2. Not allowed

We do not allow any of the listed bellow on any of our hosting / reseller services:
- Cast Control or Centovacast - Torrests/Key Gens / Hacks or Patches
- IRC or IRC bots
- IRC Bouncers
- Proxies
- Nulled Scripts and Software
- Hosting malicious software (and Spyware)
- Any Documents breaking any countries law
- Content that is an infringement of patented technologies and software, trademarks and intellectual copyright
They are strictly prohibited, and users may find that their accounts are suspended pending investigation, if it is discovered users are hosting any of the above items, if needed we have full rights to contact the local authorities.

3. Breaking Terms & Conditions

If you are found to be breaking any rule on our checks, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your services, You will be charged a fee of £5.99 to un-suspend your services. If for any reason we have to terminate your services, we have full rights to charge you £5 administration fees for a backup of the service. If you abuse our terms and conditions twice, you will be removed and banned from using our services in the future.

4. Payment methods

When you register to Swanseahost, you agree you know our payment methods which are: - Paypal - 2CO - GoCardless - Bank Transfers We are however, looking into new payment methods so we will be offering more as our company grows. All transactions are logged daily and we keep them for our records. If your account has been found as fraud, we will suspend your account or/and services until it has been investigated with the appropriate authorities.

5. Late payment fees

We charge £10 late payment fee, if an invoice is overdue, we do however, offer a two day cooling off period, for you to pay within before your charged and your services suspended, however if you do go over into this period, it is recorded on your account for our records, If you go over into this period regually, we will remove this cooling period, from your account.

6. Refunds

We offer a 10 day money back guarantee to all new customers on the first product they purchase with us. If the client has more than one products or services with us and wants a refund, a reason is required and the it will be the staff discretion wherever its eligible for a refund. We give refunds, but only on the staff discretion, if they think you are eligible for a refund, the staff member, will contact the Swanseahost management, who will take this futher, they will then refund your account in Swanseahost Credit. If you have already requested a refund within 10 days, you can not request another until 6 months.

7. Subscriptions

To make our customer's worry free about making payments, we allow you to create a Subscription with our payment gateways. These will automatically pay the invoices for you if you have the money in the account. You are responsible for managing your own Subscriptions and Swanseahost will not be held responsible for any errors made. Refunds are not granted if you fail to cancel your subscription, However if you double pay, you will be given the additional payment as an account credit. You can read more about subscriptions here.

8. Domain Names

Swanseahost does not accept responsibility nor does it make any warranty that the domain names(s) requested by the Customer will be accepted for registration in the register of the Naming Organisation nor will it be liable for any costs of the Customer incurred if the application for Registration is unsuccessful. Swanseahost does not accept responsibility for any liability to third parties for breach of their Intellectual Property Rights in relation to the domain name(s) requested by the Customer.

9. Adult content

Displaying adult content is permitted, providing it conforms with EU laws and the client's country's own laws, which includes valid record keeping. Access to the site must be protected by a date of birth script to ensure under 18's do not view it. Child Pornography is strictly forbidden, any user/s caught displaying such content will immediately be suspended, and reported to the appropriate authorities.

10. Account Holder

As the account holder you are responsible for any action made on your account and/or server, both with regards to your service at CW and at a court of law. You are responsible for what is on your account and server, any bills on your account are your bills and no-one else is liable to pay them. You are also responsible if you break our rules or the Law, and if needed you will be the one responsible to go to court, and CW has full rights to suspend your account or server while investigating with the autorities needed.

11. False Information

Using false information to access our services is not permitted, if you are found with incorrect information we reserve the right to terminate your account upon email notification. This includes, Address, telephone, email. Your account will be suspended and you will be banned from using Swanseahost. If you have made a error in your information when registering please inform us immediately so you don't get suspended.

12. Age limit

We have an age restriction to comply with certain rules and laws. The limit to use our service is a minimum of 15 Years of age, If you are under this age, we will require your parent/s to register the account with Swanseahost and create you a Sub-Account, where your parent/s can create you an account and they can restrict what you can do on this account. If your parent/s allow you to register and provide your details to us, they will have to ring up Swanseahost. If you are found to be under 15 with no consent or you have given the wrong age we reserve the right to remove you from our database or request parental consent at anytime.

13. Free domains

If you purchase a package from Swanseahost and receive a free domain with the product/service you are subject to a four month contract before the domain is rightfully yours, If you cancel the product/service before the four months is up, we fully have rights to suspend and re-own the domain.

14. Cancellations

All cancellations must be requested 15 days before the next bill is due, when requested to cancel a service we cancel when the next payment is due unless it is a VPS, which we will cancel as soon as that request is due in. We will however allow 24hours for you before it is fully terminated incase you do change your mind. Failure to cancel within 10 days, you will be charged for the following month. If for any reason a client wishes to terminate their account, a cancellation request must be submitted to Swanseahost Cancellation team. The customer is responsible for contacting Swanseahost to ensure that their cancellation request has been received.

15. Server abuse

If you are found to be carrying out activities which can lead to damage to Swanseahost's server(s) users involved can expect to be immediately suspended, and in some cases, will be prosecuted for any damage caused. For example, malicious software and script activites, DDoS and DoS attacks. Accounts found to be using over 25-30% of the respective server's CPU for a period of time that is considered to be damaging the Swanseahost's Server and may face suspension, or a billable upgrade to the client's VPS. Similarly, accounts using over 25 processes for an excessive amount of time affecting the stability of the Swanseahost's server will be suspended. It is the clients responsibility for their account, so therefore if their account is stolen, or lent to another user it remains the clients responsibility to inform us of this breach before such activities take place.

16. Our liability

Under no circumstances, shall Swanseahost or its businesss or Third Party be liable for any damages including, but not limited to loss of data. This may arise from the inability to access Swanseahost's servers or resources - Even if a CW representative has previously been notified in writing, or orally of the possibility of such damage. This includes VPS and other services Swanseahost offer.

17. Taking Cashback

Any customer withdrawing payments via bank or another Payment Gateway (referred to as "chargeback") in a way Swanseahost believes is unfair shall incur a punitive fine of £10. The same punitive fine will be incurred if payments made are then rejected by our bank.

18. Non payments

Customer accounts that are not settled by 25 days after due date maybe passed to a debt recovery agency and will incur an administration fee of £15.00, and your account will be closed. Any new orders will encounter a £20 administrator fee to re-open your account.

19. Data Protection

All information, mail messages and other data stored on the Swanseahost's system will be treated as private and solely the property of the Customer at all times and will not be duplicated, copied, reproduced or viewed publicly in any way except with express or implied permission of the Customer and/or for the purpose of the Swanseahost's back up services and/or providing the Customer with the Services and/or for the Swanseahost's own internal purposes such as market research. Swanseahost expressly points out to the Customer that by entering into this Agreement the Customer acknowledges and agrees that once the Customer's unencrypted data passes onto the Internet, it is not secure and is open to unscrupulous use. Swanseahost cannot accept responsibility or liability for any data or information that becomes available by such means against the wishes of the Customer and Swanseahost recommends the use of encryption for transfer of sensitive data or information.

20. Swanseahost Final

Swanseahost reserves all rights to refuse you service, for any reason during your time with us, especially if we have been given false information. Swanseahost team members do not have any rights to give out any discounts to any member of the public or friends, so please do not pester them. Swanseahost is not hold responsible for anything hosted on our servers and you can't take Swanseahost or the Propiater to court, however Swanseahost will work together to ensure the customer abusing our terms and conditions is held liable for their actions. Swanseahost may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by amending them and posting an up to date copy on the Swanseahost Website. Customer should check the Terms and Conditions regularly as Customer's use of the Swanseahost Website and Services will be deemed an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions existing at that time.

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